The RealMe® Now beta is a new way to verify your identity with RealMe without having to visit a PostShop to have your photo taken. 

As part of our beta, new Kiwibank customers can use the app to open accounts without presenting ID in person. 


  • Do it in person, every time


  • Do it in person once and use it over and over  


  • Do it all online and use it over and over  

The future is Now

Right now, you can use the beta version of RealMe® Now when you’re opening a new Kiwibank account. 

You’ll need an iPhone 5S or later and a NZ passport issued after 2004 (your passport can have expired).

  1. Start your RealMe application from Kiwibank website.
  2. Download the RealMe® Now app.
  3. Using the app, take a photo of yourself and then follow the prompts on screen to prove you’re a real human.
  4. RealMe will check your details against your NZ passport to confirm you’re you (this can take about 5 days — but we’re aiming to make it real time! ).
  5. Kiwibank will open your accounts for you (this can take an extra couple of days) — no need to visit a branch with ID!  

You’ll have a RealMe verified identity you can reuse with participating services all over NZ for the next 5 years.

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What’s a beta?

Beta, n.

A trial of software or other products in the final stages of development.

The software behind RealMe® Now  is ground-breaking, and a first for New Zealand. Because we’re doing something brand new, we want to test the process with real people before we launch a finished product.

This means that parts of the experience might be a little bit variable while we iron out the kinks, but you’ll be helping us make identity verification easier for all New Zealanders — as well as getting a RealMe verified identity without leaving the house.

As always, RealMe and RealMe® Now are backed by the NZ government, and follow strict privacy and security standards.

Privacy and security

Keen to get your business involved?

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