First NZ passport?  Follow the steps below to apply for your RealMe verified identity.

Renewing your NZ passport?  You can verify your identity with RealMe
at the same time — Find out more


Log in and follow the steps to verify your identity under “my verified account”. You'll need your mobile phone for second-factor authentication.


Enter the details from your:

  • NZ passport issued after 2004
  • NZ citizenship certificate issued after 2004
  • NZ birth details, or
  • NZ immigration details.


You’ll get an application number by email and text. We'll also let you know if there's any other ID you need to bring with you to the PostShop or store.

More about the documents you may need


Go into a participating PostShop or store within 14 days to get your free photo taken, or submit your own photo using the RealMe Now app.

More about getting your photo taken


The participating store will send your photo to the Department of Internal Affairs, who'll check your details against official records, like:

  • your passport and citizenship record
  • birth, death and marriage records
  • immigration databases
  • and sometimes also from driver licences, firearms licences or 18+ cards.


You’ll be contacted within five working days to confirm if your identity is verified.