RealMe integrates into your existing IT systems and processes using standards-based protocols and technologies. If you are a developer or vendor and would like more detailed information and technical specifications please see our developers website.

Once you’re set up, your teams don’t need to do anything to initiate or check customers’ identity data, leaving them free to get on with the business of doing business.  

Anyone living in New Zealand  can get a RealMe verified identity. Once verified, using RealMe involves just a few quick clicks — no need for customers to upload documents, print forms or visit offices to have their paperwork checked.

How RealMe works for your customers

Implementing RealMe

RealMe in action


Your business website includes a link to use RealMe to prove their identity.

Your customer is prompted to log into their RealMe account.


Your customer sees the identity information your business is requesting, eg official name and date of birth. They consent they're happy to share that information with you.

The data is sent directly from official government sources and delivered securely and automatically into your customer record systems in real time.


Your customer continues through your site to complete their transaction.

Your business now has high level of confidence identity data on your customer — so going forward, you're basing decisions on high-integrity data, which has real business benefit.

Concerned about security and privacy? So are we.

RealMe is enabled by the Electronic Identity Verification Act and designed to protect privacy. It meets the Amended Identity Verification Code of Practice 2013 and New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AML/CFT Act).

RealMe is developed, built and maintained by the Department of Internal Affairs’ security and identity specialists, founded on the best practice in security standards and privacy, and reviewed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

More about privacy and security

What it costs

RealMe is free for your customers.

The RealMe operational pricing model is based on individual assertions of identity received by your business, rather than a ‘pay per search’ approach.  This means that when you receive a RealMe verified identity assertion, it’s complete and accurate.

We provide project support for free. The only costs you incur are your own project costs (vendor time and attendance costs, signing certificate costs etc).

There are no ongoing licensing or software fees.

Our project support will ensure your integration is:

  • secure
  • compliant with the Electronic Identity Verification Act and Privacy Act, and 

  • follows established practice for identity verification using RealMe. 

Once you’re up and running, our understanding is that you can save anywhere from around 50-80% by using digital onboarding processes — get in touch to learn more.