It's a good idea to keep your RealMe® login details up to date. It's easy to do this, by going to Manage my RealMe and selecting the option for RealMe login users.

Use the Manage area to update your email address, registered mobile number and contact phone number in the Contact details area.

You can also update your password, username and the answers to your security questions.

If you have more than one RealMe login, you can combine logins used to access different participating RealMe services. You cannot combine logins from the same service.

You can also suspend or delete your login. Deleting your login is not reversible. If you choose to create another login you will need to re-register with the participating agencies you wish to associate it with.

If you are a token user. you can also deactivate your token. Make sure you are certain you no longer need to access the service you were using your token with.

Why do I have to login twice when I manage my account?

This protects you from someone changing your details and taking control of your RealMe login.

I’ve suspended my RealMe account, can I start using it again?

Yes, by calling the RealMe Help Desk on 0800 664 774. If you’re overseas, call +64 9 357 4468 (overseas call charges apply).

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