About RealMe®

RealMe® does two key jobs. It gives you a single login to multiple online services, and, if you upgrade to a verified RealMe account, it also works as your online ID.

See how RealMe helps you do stuff online

Login to lots of online services with RealMe

A RealMe login lets you access multiple online services with the same username and password. The service is designed to protect your privacy and security, so you can confidently use your RealMe login in many places, saving you from remembering lots of different logins. 

RealMe for logging in

Prove your identity online easily & safely

A verified RealMe account goes further than a simple login. By verifying your identity once by applying online and taking a trip to your local New Zealand Post retail outlet, you can use it at participating organisations to prove who you are online many times.

RealMe for proving your identity

Where you can use RealMe

RealMe® already enables you to access a range of services with a single login. With a verified RealMe account, you can also use it to share identity and address information online with participating organisations.

Where you can use RealMe

Official, free, secure & private

RealMe gives you control over what information you share and when you share it. It allows you to share your personal information with an organisation (like a bank). But only when you tell RealMe to – saving you a lot of paperwork and running around.  

Safe, secure and private

Working together to help keep you safe online

RealMe works with groups and organisations involved in online privacy and security.

Working together to help keep you safe online

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